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doll_cabinet's Journal

doll cabinet
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This is a community where people can talk about dolls and post pictures of dolls.
This is not a buying/selling community for dolls.

Do you like dolls? Love dolls? Think about dolls all the time? Dream about dolls? Have nightmares about dolls? Then this community- (you know what, actually no, if that's true you might want to think about seeing a therapist) Let's start over, that started to get a little creepy. Okay, do you love dolls? (in a purely platonic way), collect dolls? Like to take pictures of your dolls? (not those types of pictures you perv). Then this community could be for you! (This community is sarcasm friendly).

There are a few rules we should all try to follow:

1. Please be polite and respectful to others.

2. Please use a livejournal cut when posting more than two pictures. Try to keep pictures at an appropriate size. (If you think it looks too big, it probably is too big.)

3. Try and keep things at a PG level. So, no swearing please. (pinkmossrose's rule, I really can't say much without being hypocritical)

4. Please try to keep your posts on the topic of dolls (they're what we're here for after all)

5. And please try to keep all World Domination attempts to a minimum (not really relevant to the community, but things will run smoother for me if you do), thank you.